A headshell that draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion

With the release of the PP-5000 MC cartridge, Phasemation is releasing the CS-1200 headshell, which is based on the present CS-1000 model but with even lighter weight and higher sound quality.

Recieved Prizes

Ongen PublisingAudio Accessory Excellence Award


Weight Reduction of the Main Unit

The CS-1200 is approximately 10% lighter without losing its rigidity compare with CS-1000 and its shape combines function and beauty.

The CS-1200 is made of duralumin.

The CS-1200 is treated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) * to increase surface hardness and rigidity, and the shell structure has excellent vibration damping characteristics to bring out the full performance of the cartridge.

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) which is a generic name of a carbon film produced by a vapor phase synthesis process utilizing ion, has features like a diamond which has high hardness and high electric insulation.

Direct Contact

The shell body and connector terminals are fastened by double bolts to enhance accuracy and rigidity.

The connector section has two upper and lower pins that make direct contact with the arm connector to improve the mechanical coupling with the arm and enhance the sound quality.

Finger Holder Made of Brass

Brass finger holders are used to suppress unwanted resonance in combination with the shape of the resonance dispersion.

High-Quality Sound Lead Wires

The shell lead of the CS-1200 uses high-quality sound PC-TripleC wires.


Material CS-1200: Duralumin machined and DLC treated
Weight CS-1200…Main Unit: 10.1g / Including lead, M2.6x10 screw, nut, finger hook:13.7g
Shell Lead PC-TripleC wire


  • 4 lead wires
  • Finger hook
  • 2 mounting screws each (M2.6x6、M2.6x10、M2.6x16)
  • 2 mounting nuts (aluminum)
  • 4 washers
  • 1 hexagonal wrench for screwing