About Phasemation

"Phasemation" is the hi-fi audio brand of Kyodo Denshi Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Previous "PhaseTech" brand of our company was changed to "Phasemation".)

"Phasemation" is a word created by combining "Phase" and "Information".
Fundamentals of hi-fi audio is to reproduce live music stage by left and right two channels sound. To attain that goal, the phase characteristics between the channels are very important, and that is why we created our brand.

The technological root of our company is to develop and manufacture electronic
measurement instruments. We are an engineering company in pursuit of development for full automation autonomous driving technology, using our core
technology. Therefore, we are in a position to be able to utilize our most advanced technology for development and manufacturing of exquisite hi-fi audio equipments where accurate phase characteristics are required.

Phasemation's Philosophy

The sound that we strive after is reproduction of live music stage in front of the listener as if musicians are playing there, and reproduction of players' pathos and emotions. We believe that realization of such musical reproduction is the goal for the sound created by stereo equipments. To realize our goal, important technical elements such as phase characteristics, circuit technology and vibration control technology are required for the stereo system. Using our technology for all these elements, our ideal stereo system can be created and manufactured.

But, however exquisite the stereo system is, it is not possible to reproduce 100% of original live music. After all, they are just audio equipments. So, we strive to create sound as if artists are playing in front of the listener. To realize it, audio equipment's localization ability of sound sources is very important, and our products are developed and made to maintain accurate phase. Phasemation is dedicated to keep searching for the best stereo sound, and for creating music stage of the concert hall, communicating with our enthusiastic customers. We wish to grow audiophile market together with customers, and wish to share joy of stereo sound with our customers in the world.

・We will keep our products as long as possible in the product line, and our wish is for our customers to keep enjoying our products for many years.

・We are responsible for our products, and support customer service offering repair and maintenance services.