Hybrid Passive AttenuatorCM-3

The hybrid passive attenuator for which the reformational volume control mechanism has been evolutionally-advanced and which can educe music reality and even an artist's passion

Product Concept

We released the first class hybrid passive attenuator "Control Meister, CM-1" different from conventional pre-amplifiers and not having active circuits in order to take the advantage of the ideal volume control circuit which has been developed by adding a new idea against the volume control mechanism to be a key item of audio-play and of which patent has been obtained.This year, we will release "CM-3" as a family model in order to provide more customers the strong impression of "CM-1"; in fact, its chassis structure, circuits and components have been rationalized thoroughly, so that "CM-3" accomplishes the big cost-down while inheriting the extremely fresh sound quality of "CM-1".

Main feature

The hybrid gain control circuit (patented) to be a volume control circuit in which an ideal gain control has been actualized has been adopted, so that the ideal gain can be controlled because of good impedance matching.

Therefore, the volume control circuit in this product actualizes the required fine volume resolution (34 levels) in the conditions of high input impedance, low output-impedance and adopting no active devices. This product is in the different class from conventional passive attenuators; you can enjoy your music without becoming sterile sound because treble sound does not deteriorate even if a 10m or more RCA cable is connected, and because power spreading music is kept even if the volume is downed.

Resonance-free, vibration-free and interference-free chassis

The chassis base of this product is made of a 2mm-thick steel plated with cupper, and is furthermore finished with painting; so ensuring stiffness property and decreasing magnetostriction are achieved. The front panel and top cover are made of aluminum and especially the 10mm-thick front panel has been adopted so as to construct vibration-free and resonance-free structure.

Simple signal transmission

High purity of signal is maintained without passing through unnecessary contacts because only functions required as a control center have been selected.

Transmission paths of printed patterns on PCB are stably maintained to low impedance for a long time because their copper foils are prevented from oxidation by plating with gold on them.

Luxury texture

The knob which has been produced by high accuracy machining and the switches of which even operational feeling has been examined are combined, so that the luxury operational feeling which only a genuine article possesses is established.

The 10mm-thick front panel produced by machining and 2mm-thick chassis are finished to the dignity having high universality and which provides you the pleasure of owner.

Product Specification

Product Hybrid passive attenuator
Input impedance 47k ohm or more
Channel separation 100dB or more (20Hz to 20kHz)
Frequency response 10Hz to 70kHz (+0, -3dB)
Output impedance 500 ohm or less
Input/Output terminals RCA terminals
Max.dimensions (mm) 310 (width) x 84 (height) x 246 (depth)
Mass 4.5 kg