Balanced Transmission Type Phono CableCC-1200DR

A balanced transmission phono cable that transmits a minute voltage of the cartridge to the phono amplifier without any loss

Recieved Prizes

Ongen PublisingAudio Accessory Excellence Award

In order to bring out 100% of the cartridge performance, we have developed a balanced transmission phono cable using ultra-thick PC Triple C wires of 1.25 Sq (mm2). The ultra-thick wire and PC Triple C having low distortion and high conductivity allows the weak signal from the cartridge to be transmitted to the phono amplifier without any loss. The DIN Connector and RCA Plugs are rhodium-plated, which are known for their high sound quality.

Main Features

Cable Conductor / Cross Sectional Area PC Triple C, 1.25 Sq (mm2)
Shield Material Bare soft copper wire (tough pitch copper wire)
Conductor Insulator Polyethylene
Structure Two 2-Core Shields
Outer Diameter of Cable φ7mm


Model No. CC-1200R
Material of Cord PC Triple C, 1.25Sq(mm2)、1.2m
RCA Plug Rhodium Plated
5P DIN Connector Rhodium Plated

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