To-be-added power supply dedicated for EA-1000PS-1000

To-be-added Power Supply dedicated for separated type tube phono amplifier, EA-1000,
which can educe music reality and even the artist's passion engraved in records

Product Outline and Concept

We, saying "analog audio products are not fully mastered yet" as our catchword, released the highest-grade of a separated type tube phono amplifier, EA-1000, toward analogue disc enthusiasts the year before last. The three-unit structure, two monaural-block units and an independent power supply unit, have been supremely favored from many people; however, we have received many requests to have a complete independent structure against L and R containing a power supply formed by adding a power supply unit. In order to respond to these requests, we newly singly released the power supply unit, PS-1000. Please enjoy the EA-1000 analogue playback world have being furthermore upgraded.

Main feature

Power supply unit adopting the large power capacity R-core transformer and directly-heated rectifier tube, 5U4G

The luxurious rectifier circuit consisting of the R-core power transformer having more power capacity than necessary, a rectifier tube not generating a switching noise principally 5U4G and two choke transformers of independent L/R are adopted. In addition, the high S/N ratio is achieved by adopting the power supply circuit of the tube heater ignited by a DC which consists of the 3-terminal regulator.

Doubling the ability of the power supply

When the shorting connector of the accessories is connected against the power output connector that are not connected, two choke-transformers and two electrolytic capacitors for individual L & R channels are connected in parallel and then the output impedance of the power is decreased; therefore, the ability supplying the power becomes greater.

Texture Securement

The housing structure consisting of the chassis made of a 2 mm-thick solid copper plating steel and the cover made of a 1.6 mm-thick copper plating steel succeeds in securing rigidity and having a good shield performance at the same time. The black-anodized aluminum front panel made of a shaved 5 mm-thick aluminum is adopted. Therefore, the dignified finish having a high universality will never disappoint you on the owner's joy.

Product Specification

Power consumption 30W (100VAC, 50 to 60Hz)
when utilizing two units of PS-1000
External dimensions (mm) 210 (W) x 103 (H) x 333 (D)
Weight Power supply unit: 7.0kg