Tube Phono AmplifierEA-1000 / EA-1000G

※ Front panel color of Power Suppry is cold color for EA-1000G
Separated type (3 units) Tube Phono Amplifier which can educe music reality and even an artist's passion engraved in records

Recieved Prizes

Stereo SoundGrand Prix 2012 Grand Prix Prize
Stereo SoundBEST BUY COMPONENTS 2012-13 Phono Equalizer Amplifier 1st Prize
Stereo SoundBEST BUY COMPONENTS 2013-14 Phono Equalizer Amplifier 2nd Prize
Ongen PublisingAudio Excellence Award 2013 Bronze Prize
Ongen Publisinganalog Grand Prix 2013 Award
Seibundo-shinkosha2012 MJ Technology of the Year Analog Components Excellent award

Product Outline and Concept

We have been developing the audio series of the MC cartridge P-1 released in 2002, Phono amplifier,Pre-amplifier and Main amplifier with utilizing the non-feedback circuit, and Passive attenuator. saying"Analog audio products are not fully mastered yet" as our catchword

During these years, the concern with the analog audio playback system has been furthermore enhanced and a variety of new products has been released.

We release the highest peak of Tube Phono Amplifier, EA-1000, to feel the newest analog disc playback for the booming analog audio markets with our thoroughgoing preparations.

Main feature

I. Phono Equalizer consisting of two Monoblock units

The Phono Equalizer unit consists of the shaved 12mm thick aluminum front panel, 2mm thick copper plating steel chassis base and 2mm thick aluminum cover; so, it has the strong chassis.

The equalizer units separated into L/R and the separated powerful power supply unit support the playback sound by which you can enjoy music expressing the overwhelming liveliness and recreation of vistaed stage because of the high resolution and high S/N ratio.

II. Separated Power supply unit adopting the Large capacity R-core Transformer and Directly-heated Rectifier Tube

The luxurious rectifier circuit consisting of the R-core transformer having more capacity than necessary and the rectifier tube not generating a switching noise principally, 5U4G and two choke transformers separated to L/R is adopted.

In addition, the high S/N ratio is achieved by adopting the DC heater circuit using a 3-terminal regulator for the tube heater power supply.

III. Adopting a variety of input-switching functions

1. Three lines, MC1, MC2 and MM, are installed; and in addition to RCA terminals, the balanced input terminals of XLR connector are installed for MC1.

2. The new step up voltage transformer originally produced by our company is incorporated for the MC input line and the input impedance switch (LOW: 10 ohm or less, HIGH: 10 ohm or more) is installed.

IV. Non-feedback Equalizer consisting of Tube Unit Amplifiers

1. The non-feedback SRPP amplifier circuit which excels in transient characteristics and has a reputation for sound quality is adopted as a unit amplifier. You can enjoy charming vigorous sound quality because a tube amplifier has wide dynamic range.

2. CR equalizer circuit is adopted.
In addition to the RIAA characteristics for stereo system, the monaural characteristics, Mono-1 using in DECCA label, Mono-2 using in Columbia label, and SP characteristics are installed. Even in the monaural playback, music can be played truthfully furthermore.

V. Texture Securement

WDT I/O terminals evaluated as high product quality and high sound quality are adopted. The shaved 12mm thick aluminum front panel and the 2mm thick top cover are galvanized to champagne gold color and the shaved brass operation buttons are decorated with 24-carat gold; therefore, the dignity finish having high universality will not disappoint you on the owner's joy.

Product Specification

Product MM/MC CR type Phono Amplifier
Input type (Cartridge) MM MC
Input sensitivity 2.3 mV Low: 0.09 mV/High:0.22 mV
Output impedance for the cartridge 47k ohm or less Low:10 ohm or less/
High:10 ohm or more
Gain 39 dB Low: 67 dB/High: 59 dB
S/N ratio for input -120 dBV -150 dBV
Maximum permissible input 250 mV 11mV
Rated output voltage 200 mV (1 kHz)
RIAA curve deviation ±0.3 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Output impedance 750 ohm
Channel separation 100 dB or more (20 Hz to 20 kHz: Both of MM and MC)
Power consumption 40W (115 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
Dimensions (mm) Phono Equalizer Units: 210(w) × 103(h) × 347(d)
Power Supply Unit: 210(w) ×103(h) × 333(d)
Mass Phono Equalizer Units: 4.5 kg a channel
Power unit: 7 kg