Balanced Transmission Type Phono CableCC-1000D

Transmits Tiny Signals of the Cartridge to the Phono Amplifier Without Any Losses.

Recieved Prizes

Ongen PublisingAudio Accessory Excellence Award 2015 Gold Prize

Product Concept

MC cartridges are small generators.
Both the coil of positive and negative generates electricity ungrounded and therefore it is a balanced type.
However it was used as an unbalanced transmission and the balanced transmission was not used for a long time.
To bring this into effect, the MC1 position of EA-1000 is equipped with a balanced type input transformer.

By developing a balanced transmission type phono cable to support this, transmission losses were rid as much as possible and succeeded to bring about the maximum performance of EA-1000.
We will release this product for achieving a good sound quality of the vinyl record to be played.

Main Characterisitics

A Balanced Transmission Type Phono Cable That Uses 2-Core Shield Cables.

For the CC-1000 series, we developed an original 2-core shield cable that transmits weak signals of the cartridge to the phono amplifier without any losses.
The signal cable uses 7 wire strands of 0.32 diameter oxygen-free conductors.

A 5PIN-DIN Terminal With Disconnection-Preventing Wires To Avoid Disconnecting Accidents Beforehand

We often hear contacting failures on the 5PIN-DIN terminal. This is because wiring is done on a very thin connector and when stress is applied, it is the cause of disconnections and contacting failures.
For the CC-1000D, we developed a 5PIN-DIN plug with wires attached that prevents disconnections and because of this, the removal can be done by pulling the wire and can prevent disconnection accidents beforehand.

Product Specification

Product Name Balanced Transmission Type Phono Cable
Model Name CC-1000D
Input Connector 5PIN-DIN (Rodium Plating)
Cable Length 1.2m
Output Connector XLR